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Heritage Adventures allows you to experience the wonders of Cambodia in a completely unique light. Our customizable tours are designed for a variety of tastes and travel styles, and will take you off the beaten path, immerse you in traditional culture, give you a rush of adrenaline, and surround you with luxury unlike anything else.


From luxury jungle camping to mountain biking among the Angkor temples, these are our top 5 unforgettable experiences.

» Countryside Horseback Rides

Explore the serene Cambodian countryside on horseback and get a taste of traditional rural life. Explore peaceful trails and visit the quiet ruins of Wat Atvea temple.

» Romantic Sunrise Breakfast or Sunset Champagne Toast

Heritage Suites Hotel – Adventure – Tonle Sap Boat Trip

Greet the day with a private sunrise breakfast along the banks of the ancient Angkor reservoir of Srah Srang. Our chefs will prepare a special gourmet meal for you and your guests while you watch the sun rise over ancient ruins amid jungle serenity.

Raise a glass to the close of the day with a sunset champagne toast along the ancient walls of Angor Thom, a ridge overlooking the West Baray, or a private boat cruise along the Tonle Sap Lake.

» A Traditional Monk Blessing

Heritage Suites Hotel – Adventure – Monk Blessing

Take part in an ancient and sacred Buddhist tradition as you travel to a local pagoda to receive a blessing from the monks. Immerse yourself in traditional culture and learn about Buddhism as you participate in a special ceremony to receive blessings for safe travels, good luck, and a long life.

At the end of the ceremony, a bright red string is tied around your wrist symbolizing your blessing.

» Mountain Bike the Hidden Paths of Angkor

Take an exhilarating ride through the jungle trails and temple ruins of Angkor Archaeological Park. Explore some of the park’s lesser-visited temples and enjoy the picturesque beauty of Siem Reap’s jungles.

» Classic Adventures

These are the quintessential Cambodian experiences. From temple tours to village visits, our Classic Adventures combine Siem Reap’s most iconic sites with our personal touch.

» Explore the Temples of Angkor

Visit Cambodia’s most iconic destination, the World Heritage Site of Angkor Wat. Once the nerve center of the great Khmer Empire, the temple now stands as a proud testament to the heritage of Cambodia. The Angkor complex includes over 280 temples, from the Bayon with its hundreds of serene Buddha faces to the overgrown wonder of Ta Prohm. We will customize your tour to your unique tastes and travel style.

» Cruise the Tonle Sap Lake

The Tonle Sap Lake is the largest lake in Southeast Asia. Its waters are a life-giving force for the area, supporting floating fishing villages and renowned bird sanctuaries. Explore this wondrous region in luxury on our private yacht, or experience it the local way from a traditional wooden fishing boat.

» Exhilarating Adventures

If you’re craving a bit more adrenaline on your vacation, we offer a range of thrilling experiences that will leave you breathless.

» Countryside Quad Bike Rides

Tour the countryside on our in-house fleet of All Terrain Vehicles. Choose from a variety of experiences including a visit to the holiest mountain in Cambodia to bathe in the scared waterfalls, a half or full-day drive through the dusty trails and rice paddies of the rural countryside, or create your own custom adventure.

» Jungle Zip Lining

Fly above the treetops on one of Siem Reap’s most popular zip lining courses and see the jungle like never before.

» Private Helicopter Tours

Enjoy a breathtaking private helicopter flight and get a rare bird’s eye view of Siem Reap’s most spectacular sites. See the temples of Angkor Wat and the Tonle Sap lake as never before.

» Hidden Temples

Angkor Wat may be Cambodia’s most famous temple, but it is not the only one. Let our experienced guides take you off the tourist trail and show you some of Siem Reaps’ hidden temples.

» The Mountain Temples of Phnom Kulen

Travel to Phnom Kulen, the holiest mountain in Cambodia. This national park is the historic birthplace of the Khmer Empire, and is full of ruined temples and hidden carvings. Take a dip in the holy waterfalls and enjoy the lush jungle surroundings.

» The Secret Jungle Temple of Beng Mealea

Unleash your inner adventurer as you explore the secluded jungle ruins of Beng Mealea. One of the most picturesque temples, Beng Mealea’s ancient structures appear to rise from a maze of jungle foliage. Your experience continues with a stop at Poeung Kamnou, an ancient Hindu temples adorned with beautiful and intricate carvings.

» The Untouched Temple of Bantey Chhmar

Travel the dirt roads by private 4×4 Land Cruiser to reach the archaeological site of Bantey Chhmar. This is one of the last of the great Angkorian temples which has not undergone significant conservation or development. Nestled in its natural environment, it offers a completely unique experience.

» The Border Temple of Preah Vihear

This sacred site has been the source of conflict between Cambodia and Thailand for centures. Perched on a 525 meter-tall ridge overlooking both countries, the dramatic ruins of Preah Vihear offer a stunning view of the jungle plains.