The Heritage Spa

Rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit with a luxurious treatment at our Heritage Spa or a refreshing dip in our pristine saltwater pool

Indulge in soothing massages, facials, and scrubs in our intimate and stylish spa. The chic Heritage Spa features one single and two couple’s treatment rooms. Equipped with steam baths, rain showers and over-sized bathtubs, the spa blends modern luxury with Cambodian grace.

Conceived as a sheltering cocoon, and using unique organic products, our Spa is an absolute sensory experience dedicated to pampering you in the most natural way possible. The physical link between body and soul and influences our treatments. Highly skilled therapists perform traditional Khmer and essential oil massages, deep tissue, body wraps and scrubs, facials and energizing reflexology.

The cozy and curtained massage gazebo by the pool is an open-air alternative for your massage.

Hours of operation
10 AM to 10 PM, every day

We warmly recommend treatments to be booked in advance.

We advise our customers to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their treatment, arriving late can be subject to a reduction in their treatment time, especially upon prior reservation.

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Our philosophy is to treat you with the ultimate products that nature provides us.

Heritage Relaxation

180 min – 116 USD
The wonderfully calming experience is perfect for anyone exhausted from a long journey or a hard day’s activity. First a body massage will relax your mind, then an aromatic salt scrub will revitalize your skin and finally a vitamin facial treatment will ensure you are looking and feeling good.
Feet cleansing – 5 min
Heritage Classic – 75 min
Aromatic Scrub – 30 min
Traditional Facial – 55 min
Hydrating with body lotion – 15 min

Silk and Cocoon

120 min – 88 USD
A gentle exfoliating treatment, reflecting Cambodian’s love for nature (jasmine rice, turmeric, tamarind seed, combined with jasmine oil) followed by a hydrating treatment to revitalise your skin.
Feet cleansing – 5 min
The Heritage Classic – 75 min
The Heritage Nature Jasmine Rice Scrub – 30 min
Hydrating with body lotion – 10 min

Heritage Refresh

120 min – 88 USD
The perfect combination for the sun kissed adventurer. Restores lost moisture in your skin while maintaining a long lasting and healthy glow, after a day of exciting adventure in the sun.
Feet cleansing – 5 min
Fresh Coconut Scrub – 50 min
Papaya Wrap – 50 min
Hydrating and nourishing body treatment – 15 min

Tropical Moisturizing

180 min – 116 USD
To customize a typical experience and discover what Cambodia has to offer, this is a must for all travelers. The package combines an exotic Tropical Mango Wrap followed by a Swedish massage and a Fruity Vitamin Facial. While you relax and rejuvenate in traditional Khmer style, herbal tea and mango will be served to complete this very unique experience.
Feet cleansing – 5 min
Swedish Massage – 60 min
Traditional Wrap – 30 min
Traditional bath – 15 min
Vitamin facial – 55 min
Hydrating with body lotion – 15 min

Fruity Wrap

120 min – 88 USD
An exotic Traditional Wrap (Ponlei Khmer herb, Noni forest root and Cambodian’s Honey) that is deep cleansing, prevents skin aging, renews cell growth and eliminates toxins as well as tightens, tones and re-mineralises the skin. It leaves the skin radiant and healthy. A gentle shower comes next followed by an essential oil massage and moisturiser.
Feet cleansing – 5 min
Indonesian Massage – 75 min
Traditional Wrap – 30 min
Hydrating with body lotion – 10 min

Heritage Warming

120 min – 88 USD
The well-known healing benefits of lemongrass are associated to tangerine massage oil. Is included in this package is a Swedish Massage and the Spice Wrap ingredients to warm your body and drain the lymphatic system, improve blood circulation, relieves fever, headaches, and colds. It also prevents rheumatism and promotes natural serum cholesterol.
Feet cleansing – 5 min
Swedish Massage – 60 min
Spicy Wrap – 40 min
Hydrating and nourishing body treatment – 15 min

Heritage Detoxifying

180 min – 149 USD
For those who want the ultimate spa experience, let us take your body and mind and refresh you from the inside out with the divine combination of a Swedish massage and Classic treatment.
Feet cleansing – 5 min
Heritage Swedish / Classic Massage – 80 min
Nature coffee scrub – 40 min
Volcanic Mud Wrap – 40 min
Hydrating with body lotion
– 15 min

The Heritage of Angkor

(for 1 or 2 persons)
Half day package – up to 5 hours – 250 USD/pers
Offer you and your friend a unique – once-in-a-life-time – customized program that could include for instance:
Feet cleansing – 5 min
Steam – 15min
Heritage Classic – 90 min
Volcanic mud wrap – 45 min
Floral bath – 15 min
Traditional facial – 55 min
Hydrating with body lotion – 15 min
Fruits and Champagne – enjoy a complementary bottle of Taittinger champagne and a fruit
basket to make sure this moment will be remembered for ever.

Heritage Traditional Massages

» Reflexology

45 min – 30 USD
60 min – 39 USD
90 min – 58 USD
Pool service minus 10%
Unwind with this foot massage that re-establishes the energy flows throughout your body through acupressure points to improve circulation, ease pain and relax your body.

» Anti-Stress Massage

60 min – 50 USD
90 min – 60 USD
Pool service minus 10%
This Natural oil massage works to stimulate blood circulation and improve energy flow. The therapist focuses on the head, face, back, neck and shoulders to loosen muscles and ease tensions. The therapeutic touch helps to improve the central nervous system and relieve stress.

» Heritage Tonic

90 min – 72 USD
120 min – 88 USD
Pool service minus 10%
This traditional Asian massage is a combination of acupressure and light stretching movements. The massage is performed without oil and pays special attention to the back and legs. The treatment helps recover a smooth energy flow and increases flexibility of your body movement.

» Heritage Swedish Massage

60 min + 15 min steam – 72 USD
90 min + 15 min steam – 88 USD
Of European origin, this massage is a combination of five classical technique movements with an application of oil and works perfectly to encourage relaxation, improve muscles flexibility, stimulate blood flow and help manage pain.

» Pre and Post Pregnancy Massage

60 min – 45 USD
Using safflower oil, this massage helps to increase body awareness before childbirth, reduce swelling in hands and feet, release muscle tension and improve the circulatory system.

» Breast Massage Therapy

55 min – 45 USD
A relaxing and cleansing breast treatment to assist in healthy breast tissues, reduce fibroids and cysts, relieve pain and tension from stress in the muscles of the chest wall. This massage also helps to reduce scars following surgery and acts as a pro-active step against cancer and other diseases; it includes a breast mask with Bengkuang & rice powder.

Facial Treatments

» Anti-Aging and Firming Facial I

60 min – 50 USD
Using fresh avocado, white egg and lemon juice, this treatment contains nutrients such as vitamin E & K and minerals. It helps the skin to healthily moisturise itself, preventing it from aging.
This treatment is adapted for dry and mature skin and includes facial and chest massage to enhance relaxation.

» Anti-Aging and Firming Facial II

Caudalie Products from France
Using Caudalie cosmetics, this one-of-a-kind treatment gives an instant lift and newfound glow. Advanced manual pro-lifting massage techniques optimize the products effectiveness and specialized micro-masques for the eye and lip contours provide additional benefits.
Designed for mature skin to fight effects of time and restore beauty.

» Rescue Facial (For Men)

60 min – 50 USD
Suspending time, the treatment offers maximum protection against external factors and free radicals. Adapted for oily and acne-prone skin, it consists of a face mask with fresh cucumber, honey, lime juice, and also includes facial and chest massage to enhance relaxation.
It leaves your skin looking balanced and refreshed.

» Lightening and Whitening Facial

45 min – 50 USD
A relaxing and cleansing facial treatment with Heritage Nature facial jasmine rice soft scrub to rejuvenate your skin as well as enhance skin lightening and firming action. Adapted for normal skin, it is a face mask with bengkuang & rice powder and includes a facial and chest massage.

» Exotic Vitamin Facial I

45 min – 50 USD
Natural coconut milk, lemongrass water with Heritage Nature facial jasmine rice soft scrub gently exfoliate your skin, removing dead skin cells and helping to promote cell glow. A mango mask is associated to longevity and preserving youthfulness; it works as a natural moisturizer and encourages the growth of new skin. Adapted for combination and sensitive skin.

» Exotic Vitamin Facial II

60 min – 50 USD
Using fresh white bananas, white eggs and honey, this treatment provides nutrients to the skin and reduces swelling and inflammation. It is adapted for sensitive skin. Includes facial and chest massage to enhance relaxation.

Heritage Aromatherapy Massages

» The Heritage Classic

60 min – 55 USD
90 min – 77 USD
Pool service 10% off
With the recognized virtue of essential oils, our therapist will enhance the energy flow through your body. The treatment improves blood circulation, muscle relaxation, and relieves tension by treating both mind and soul.

» 4 Hands Cocoon

60 min – 72 USD
90 min – 94 USD
The ultimate body experience. To discover The Heritage Signature technique, indulge in this 4-hands massage delivered by two therapists at the same time. The treatment provides you with a unique experience from head-to-toe.

» Heritage Herbal Compress Massage

60 min – 61 USD
90 min – 77 USD
The Heritage Herbal Compress Massage combines the healing effects of an aromatherapy massage with the application of heated herbal compress. This treatment purifies, relaxes, warms, relieves aches and pains and improves the blood circulation condition whilst stimulating the senses.

» Indonesian Massage

60 min – 45 USD
90 min – 65 USD
The traditional Balinese massage combined with Cambodian techniques is designed to enhance immunity by stimulating lymphatic flow, increase muscles flexibility, lessen depression and anxiety and relieve migraine pain. It is believed to relieve sleep disorder, muscle pains and sport injuries.

Body Treatments

» Natural Jasmine Rice Scrub

45 min + 15 min steam – 50 USD
Cambodian’s jasmine rice, turmeric, tamarind seed associated with jasmine oil, function as a gentle exfoliation to soothe, smoothen and soften your skin in a natural way. This is followed by a hydrating treatment to revitalise your skin and the addition of ylang ylang oil favours moisturisation.

» Aromatic Salt Scrub

45 min + 15 min steam – 50 USD
Cambodian sea salt, yellow ginger (Ponlei) powder, rice powder.
This body polish treatment uses a combination of freshly ground sea salt, mixed with homemade Ponlei (Khmer Herbal) powder, rice powder and rosemary essential oils to rejuvenate and renew your skin cells. A cream massage concludes the treatment, leaving your skin as soft as velvet.

» Traditional Body Scrub I

45 min + 15 min steam – 50 USD
Real traditional Khmer scrub used since the Angkorian era, this treatment combines a mixture of Noni forest roots, yellow ginger (Ponlei) and fresh orange juice to remove dead skin cells, giving the skin a shiny, soft and smooth look. This treatment rich in vitamins A, E & C also contributes to increase skin moisture through the additional ginger oil.

» Traditional Body Scrub II

45 min+ 15 min steam – 50 USD
The combination of two of the most aromatic substances, chocolate and coffee, is enjoyed by many people. Both ingredients and coconut powder mixed together have created a wonderful body scrub. This scrub will exfoliate dead skin cells, detoxify, cleanse and soften the skin. This anti-oxidant skin care will also cool the body bringing along desirable anti-cellulite benefits, as well as moisturize the skin with the addition of ylang ylang oil.

» Kampuchea Tropical Wrap I

45 min + 15 min steam – 50 USD
Fresh mango, plant yogurt, egg yolk, milk powder and honey.
A seasonal fresh mango body wrap, drains toxins and impurities from your body while relaxing and smoothing you from within. Plant yogurt and wild honey are used to purify and hydrate your skin while delighting your senses.

» Kampuchea Tropical Wrap II

45 min + 15 min steam – 50 USD
Papaya body wrap. The healing property of papaya has been known to assist in repairing damaged skin by the sun. This relaxing wrap contains the anti-oxidant benefits from papaya, fresh coconut milk and fresh peppermint to remove toxins, cool the body, soften and moisturize the skin.

» Tonic Water Wrap

60 min + 15 min steam – 50 USD
The healing benefits of the spicy ingredients such as moringa (marum) powder, clove powder, cinnamon powder, rice powder and fresh ginger are applied to relieve muscles aches and pains, to warm the body and improve blood circulation. It is also suited to relieve fever, headache, cold, help in preventing rheumatism and promote natural serum cholesterol.

» Volcanic Mud Wrap

60 min + 15 min steam – 50 USD
The volcanic mud used in this treatment also called the “ring of fire” contains mineral salts, oligo-minerals for relaxing, cleansing, refreshing, removing toxins, detoxifying and its anti-aging effects.

Royal Manicure and Pedicure

Traditional Manicure with polish – 35 USD
Traditional Beauty Foot Care with polish – 39 USD
Royal beauty foot care with polish 90 min – 60 USD
(Pedicure and foot massage)


Underarm – 17 USD
Bikini line – 22 USD
Haft Leg – 28 USD
Full Leg
– 33 USD
Full leg with Bikini line – 50 USD
Back – 30 USD
Additional for Brazilian – 10 USD

A delightful experience

Conceived as a sheltering cocoon and using organic products, Heritage Spa is an absolute sensory experience dedicated to pampering both body and soul in the most natural way possible.


Natural products used in our facial treatments:

Is rich in vitamin E and K excellent for their anti-aging benefits.

Provides nutrients to the skin and reduces swelling and inflammation.

Coconut Milk
Acts as a soap to cleanse the skin.

Cucumber Juice
Is used as a toner and refreshes the skin.

Provide nutrients to the skin and the egg white tightens the skin.

Keeps the skin hydrated and absorbs impurities.

Lemongrass Water
Works as a cleanser.

Lime Juice
Works as an exfoliant and reduces excess oil.

Helps in preserving youthfulness and works as a natural moisturizer.

White Root (Bengkoang)
Is known for its skin lightening properties.

Natural products used in our body treatments:

Contains natural oils which provide ultimate moisturisation for dry skin.

Exfoliates dead skin cells, detoxifies, cleanses, softens and moisturises the skin.

Stimulates a sluggish digestive system or relieves flu symptoms.

Acts as an anti-septic, increases blood circulation and stops flatulence.

Is used for relieving aching muscles and to increase blood circulation.

Jasmin Rice
Is used in lightening, and skin softening beauty treatments.

Moringa (Marum) Powder
Is good for healthy circulatory system; its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant benefits, and natural serum cholesterol promote cell structure.

Noni Forest Root
Is beneficial in providing antioxidants, improving skin elasticity and promoting overall health of your skin.

Is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant benefits, and is rich in vitamins such as pyridoxine.

Yellow Ginger (Khmer Saffron)
By slightly changing the skin color to a natural yellow, is moisturising and anti-aging thus giving the skin a velvet look. It also reduces muscles aches and pains.

Booking request or any further questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We accept cash and all major credit cards and visa cards, except American Express and Travellers Cheque.

Cancellation policy
As part of our policy, it is required to inform the Heritage Spa receptionist at least one hour or two hours in advance prior to your treatment.

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