Our Responsibility

At Heritage Suites Hotel, we are proud to be an active member of the community. We believe that as a member of this community, we have a special responsibility to help it thrive. We work closely with local organizations to ensure that we have a positive impact socially and environmentally, and we encourage our guests to make conscious decisions in their travels. Together we can help build a sustainable future for Cambodia’s land and people.


We are deeply committed to supporting Sala Baï School in providing underprivileged young Cambodians with the skills and education they need to build careers in the hospitality industry. This commitment drives our active training and hiring of the students, as well as our fundraising events, awareness campaigns, and any time we encourage our guests to give back by participating in one of Sala Bai’s many activities.

Sala Baï Hotel & Restaurant School was founded in 2002 by the French NGO “Agir pour le Cambodge”. Entirely and exclusively dedicated to young Cambodians coming from underprivileged families, 100 students ( 70% of which are women), are trained entirely free of charge every year. The students all find employment in the industry within three months of completing their one-year training.

It is thanks to the support of private funds that Sala Baï Hotel and Restaurant School can fulfill its mission. Every meal eaten at the Training Restaurant or every night spent at the Training Hotel adds to the students experience and helps finance their training. You can support Sala Baï and the students further by sponsoring a student or making a secure online donation.


For the past few years, we have been working steadily towards our goal of being a more eco-friendly business. Cambodia’s ecology is beautiful and at risk, and we want to be active participants in helping to preserve it for generations to come.

In 2014, we entered a partnership with NagaBiofuels, a local NGO that produces clean-burning biodiesel recycled from used cooking oil. By using biodiesel to power our generator, we choose a sustainable solution creating less pollution and lightening our footprint. We also switched most of our lights on the hotel grounds to energy saving bulbs, which reduces energy consumption. (So we burn less biodiesel!)

There is no small step towards sustainable growth, which is why we engage in smaller yet effective actions. For example, we designed new lunch and breakfast boxes for temple tours or other activities that are 100% eco-friendly. All the items, from the paper bag, to the boxes and wrappers, to the cutlery are biodegradable. Additionally, the eggs in our kitchen are provided by Eggscellent, a social enterprise who insists on animal dignity by breeding happy cage free chickens. Happy chickens and healthy eggs!

We also participate in periodic events with various local environmental initiatives. For the past few years, we have collaborated with other hotels as well as guesthouses and restaurants to organize a monthly Green Day for a Clean City. All staff members join in to collect garbage in the streets and raise public awareness.

We’re always investigating new ways to make Heritage Suites Hotel a “greener” business, and we’re always finding new small ways that we can make a sustainable impact.